Sunday, November 16, 2014

Last stop on the road trip

I spent a few more days in Toulouse which was really lovely.  The architecture is distinctive and the stones used for building are pink.  I even bought a pink stone ring to remind myself of the place.

I visited one last museum with a selection of French my last Monet fix in.

And bought a leather purse in a market.

Then, on to my last stop on the whistle-stop France tour with Bordeaux.  I didn't have very high hopes for Bordeaux as it's such a tourist draw but I was pleasantly surprised.  Because it was a rich port throughout the past centuries, it has these big wide open boulevards and plazas everywhere.  They've also just spent ten years cleaning the 18th century limestone buildings so the whole city looks sparkly with it's unique classical decorations.

 Also, they've also finally gotten enough money to restore recovered bronze statues that were removed during WWII. 

I did some souvenir shopping and, of course, took a wine tour out in the gorgeous countryside.

Learned some unique things on this tour such as how the barrels are made by hand by a cooper.  Not surprisingly, coopers are getting harder to find these days.

Tried some sweet whites, dry whites and reds.  Although I enjoyed this tour more, I think I  like the Burgundy wines that I tried on my Dijon tour more.

I'm back to Vancouver next and I can already feel myself going into croissant withdrawal...not sure what I'll do!

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